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Driving Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

As with all frustrating situations, traffic is something that can lead to people making irrational and sometimes dangerous decisions. When they are behind the wheel of an automobile, these types of rash decisions can prove to be even costlier.

It is important for drivers of consumer vehicles to share the road with semi truck drivers, especially when operating in heavily-condensed traffic. The following are a few tips from EGR Insurance to make sure drivers are doing everything they can to avoid incidents with the larger vehicles on the road.

#1 Slow Down

It sounds simple, but many accidents can be prevented if drivers simply slow down when they end up in traffic congestion. Chances of a crash increase exponentially when a vehicle is driving faster than surrounding traffic, and adding semi trucks to the equation can increase the probability of an accident. Go with the flow of traffic because there’s no point of being in a hurry in traffic that you can’t control.

#2 Be Aware of Blind Spots

All four sides of a semi truck are blind spots for drivers, so make sure you are in a place where the driver can see you. The general rule is that if you can’t see the driver in their side mirror, they also can’t see you.

#3 Watch for Work Zones

If you are driving in spring or summer, there is a larger chance that you are going to encounter some traffic, especially on highways and interstates. Keep your eyes peeled for changes in speed limits or shifts in traffic patterns, and reduce your speed if necessary.

#4 Maintain Safe Following Distance

You may not necessarily be in a blind spot, but if you are following a semi truck too closely, you may not be able to slow down in time to adjust to the truck ahead of you if they have to hit the brakes. A car traveling at 60 miles per her hour travels over 500 feet in just six seconds, which is why keeping a safe following distance helps reduce accidents.

#5 Don’t Cut in Front of Semi Trucks

Trucks are heavy and take a long time to come to complete stops, so cutting in front of them quickly when traffic is slowing down can lead to some unwanted accidents. Trucks also take more time to speed back up, so the best time to pass one is after traffic disperses and you’ve got a better chance to accelerate more quickly than they do.

Get an Auto Insurance Quote

While truck drivers are certain to have commercial truck driver insurance that would cover damage, medical, and legal fees in a worst-case scenario, the idea is to avoid any of that ever being necessary. The professionals at EGR insurance can provide both auto insurance for standard drivers and semi truck insurance for those operating big rigs, but everyone’s safety on the road depends on sharing that space and being ultra-aware when traffic tightens up. If you’re a driver near Moville, IA reach out to our insurance experts for a free quote.


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